Quiponin™ SR Powder is one of Nor-Add’s preferred natural complementary feeds for enhancing animal performance by utilising natural antioxidants.

Quiponin™ SR Powder may advantageously be included in feeds for most animals. The product is especially suited for young monogastric animals, like piglets and broilers, but can also be used for finishers.

The product is a combination of selected botanicals – including rosemary – that add a very characteristic flavour to the feed. This increases the palatability of the feed and hence improves the animals’ appetite, which is particularly relevant for newly weaned piglets in order to get them started best possible.

Quiponin™ SR Powder is rich in polyphenols and triterpene saponins, which according to international literature, possess strong antibacterial, antioxidant and antiprotozoal properties.

The dosage rate for Quiponin™ SR Powder (700-1000 g per ton feed) makes the product well suited for both home mixers, producers of premixes and feed-manufacturers.

For further information on this product, literature confirming effects of the elementsincluded, detailed trial results etc., please contact Nor-Add.