Nor-Guard™ OV11 is one of Nor-Feed’s preferred products for enhancing animal performance by utilising natural antioxidants. The Nor-Guard™ OV11D Premix version has mixing properties that are especially suited for home mixers.

Nor-Guard™ OV11D Premix is a premixture consisting of 100 % natural flavouring compounds and is specially developed for inclusion in feeds for pigs, dairy cows and broilers. The product increases the palatability of the feed and thereby the appetite and feed intake of the animals. This may contribute to an increased weight gain.

The product contains a combination of active components from the following natural raw materials:
◾Grapes (Vitis vinifera)
◾Olive leaves (Olea europaea)
◾Clay minerals

Nor-Guard™ OV11D Premix holds versatile problem solving effects due to the synergy between the unique combination of various water and fat soluble antioxidants. The product is thus well suited for all types of production animals.

For further information on this product, literature confirming effects of the elements included, trial results etc., please contact Nor-Add.