Towards sustainable, medication-free, cost-effective animal production!
“Phytobiotics is a term used to describe plant-derived natural bioactive compounds that promote livestock health and well-being and improve livestock growth and production efficiency “ (Wu and Wu, 2012)


Nor-Add A/S, and its sister-companies NorGuard ApS, Nor-Vet, Nor-Feed International ApS and Feed-Add, Dumas ApS, develop, manufacture and market internationally highly efficient botanical, natural additives for inclusion in animals’ feeds and drinking water. The products are based on utilization of active constituents found in plants, primarily special polyphenols and saponins.These types of additives are also known as phytogenics, as phytobiotics and as phyto-additives. Between them the companies offer a complete line of botanical feed-additives.

Nor-Add’s natural phyto-additives are based on selected highly efficient types of polyphenols and saponins. According to extensive international academic literature the elements in the products have many performance enhancing effects, including that they

  • stimulate feed intake – helping to improve daily weight gain
  • improve the animals’ health and performance
  • increase the efficiency of the animals’ feed conversion
  • reduce the animals’ stress
  • reduce the need for traditional medication of the animals
  • improve the output quality of animal production
  • Increase the profitability of the animal production

The raw materials providing the active, botanical constituents in Nor-Add’s products originate whenever possible from by-products, aka co-products, that are left over during the production of other products. Examples include grape pomace that is a result of the production of red wine and olive leaves that are a result of the production of olive oil.

Together with its sister companies the company is involved in the OlivE project. This project work on utilizing elements from Olea europaea as safe, cost effective elements that as feed additives improve the performance of food-animals, including that they reduce the negative effects of stressors the animals are exposed to.

Nor-Add A/S’ botanical additives are safe for humans to work with, safe for the animals receiving them, and safe for the environment. The additives are cost-efficient alternatives to many traditional antibiotic-based growth promoters and heavy metals that are known to have seriously undesirable side-effects like the creation of antibiotic resistance.

Nor-Add A/S co-operates with international veterinarians, feed-manufacturers and livestock-producers, as well as with universities and other research institutions, to ensure that customers are guaranteed products that are innovative and offer well-documented benefits.

To ensure that every batch of the company’s products is of consistently high quality, all batches are quality-controlled by external certified laboratories in EU countries.

Nor-Add’s technology, knowledge and intellectual properties can be utilized by international parties in the field of phytobiotics by manufacturing the products by themselves with the purpose of using the products internally, and/or marketing them in one, more or many countries.

Nor-Add A/S is Danish, a privately owned company, established in 1988 under the name Nor-Feed ApS. It is a company in the Nor-Group, with its administrative office located 12 kilometers from both the center of Copenhagen and from Copenhagen Airport. The company is not part of any multinational corporation, nor affiliated with any such.


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Nor-Add A/S’ trademarks include:

ECspare™, Equinan™, EnzBot™, Norgano™, Nor-Add, Nor-Guard™, Nor-Myc™,  Nor-Sacch™, Quiponin, SparE™, Triponin™